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Pellet Grills flavors vary depending on the type of Wood Pellet you use to smoke or grill your favorite meat. We have provided an easy to use Wood Pellet Flavor Guide to assist you in choosing the best flavor of wood pellet for your next meal. After using your pellet grill you begin to understand that there are different flavors based off the type of pellet used and the subtle flavors can make the difference between a good meal and a great meal. Using your Wood Pellet guide we will show you the specific types of pellets for different kinds of food to make your next Pellet Grill the best one yet.

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Alder PelletsA mild, neutral pellet with a hint of sweetness.  Alder wood gives off a good amount of smoke without overwhelming delicate meats like fish and chicken. Shop For Alder Pellets

Apple Pellets:  A smoky, mild, and sweet flavor. Usually used to cook poultry and pork. Will enhance mild meats Shop For Apple Pellets

Cherry Pellets: Slightly sweet but also tart. One of the more flavorful pellets that will add a hearty smoke flavor. Shop For Cherry Pellets

Hickory Pellets: A rich, smoky, bacon like flavor. The most widely used pellets in barbecue. If overwhelming it is suggested you mix with oak or apple pellets to make more mild.

Maple Pellets: Mild, with a hint of sweetness, maple pellets are great on pork and turkey.

Mesquite Pellets: Strong, tangy, and spicy. A favorite pellet for Texas BBQ. A strong smoke flavor.

Oak Pellets: A little stronger than cherry or apple, and a little lighter than hickory. A good wood pellet for fish and vegetables.

Pecan Pellets: Nutty and even a little spicy. Pecan pellets are great with beef and chicken.

Tennessee Whiskey Pellets: Strong, sweet smoke with aromatic tang. Perfect for red meats

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For a rich, smoky flavor. 20 pound bag of Traeger Hickory Wood Pellets. Made from natural, high-quality hardwood with no fillers, Traeger’s pellets are clean-burning and environmentally safe. These clean-burning, environmentally-safe wood pellets generate about 8500 BTU's per lb. with very little ash.


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