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Pellet Grill Reviews. Hundreds of users have rated the most popular pellet grills and you compare how they stack up right here! Choosing the best Wood Pellet Grill is an important choice because there are numerous models and makers of Wood Pellet Grills, but some of them are better than others. View our reviews and compare pellet grills to find the best pellet grill for you. Compare pellet grills using the interactive comparison chart  and learn more about the features of different styles of grills and cookers.

People are ditching their gas and charcoal grills to utilize the much easier and healthier choice of a pellet grill. Research has shown that pellet grills are a healthier choice then charcoal and gas grills because it uses an indirect heating method which in turn reduces the formation of carcinogenic chemicals. But the main reason people are switching to pellet grills is that even a novice griller can smoke meats, grill to perfection, or bake your favorite meal on a pellet grill.

Pellet grills are so simple to operate and are considered set and forget grills. Running off 110v electricity, you adjust the desired temperature, insert your meat probe into your meat, and walk away. Wood pellet grills come equipped with digital controllers that automatically keep your desired cooking temperature consistent by automatically adding or subtracting the amount of pellets being burned. This means it keeps the exact cooking temperature you desire throughout your cook. No worrying about adding more charcoal or adjusting your propane levels. Wood pellet grills also work by cooking with indirect flame which means your meats don’t shrink or burn from direct flames as with traditional grills.



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