Pulled Pork Shredder

One of the most important parts of smoking pulled pork is shredding the pork at the end of your cook. Using these convenient pulled pork shredders make this process simple and made the end product as good as you can buy from your favorite barbecue restaurant.  Use these pulled pork shredders to make authentic pulled pork sandwiches from the comfort of your own kitchen by using these simple and handy meat shredders.

Bear Paws

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Bear PawsThese crafty plastic meat paws are designed for shredding pork and making the ultimate pulled pork sandwich after your smoke. You won’t find a better solution for making pulled pork. Made from hard, durable plastic, they are also perfect for holding turkeys and chickens while carving. Made in the U.S.A.




Drill Powered Pork Shredder

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Drill Powered Pork ShredderWork Smarter, Not Harder! This innovative little creature goes into your cordless drill and takes all of the work out of creating that perfect pulled pork sandwich.  Your pork will be perfectly pulled in just a few seconds! For Use On Any Power Drill, Aluminum And Stainless Steel Dishwasher Safe, Will Not Rust Easy To Use And Clean.









Pork N Pull


No more burned fingers using forks to shred or pull your slow cooked meats. This little device attaches to your handheld blender and shreds pork in seconds. A great price for a great product.




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