Outdoor Kitchen Kits – Save Time and Money

A true grillmaster dreams of an outdoor kitchen in their backyard and it has never been easier or more cost effective thanks to prefabricated outdoor kitchen kits.

Outdoor kitchen kits, otherwise known as prefab outdoor kitchens, are available in a variety of styles, sizes, finishes, and have all the options of the bells and whistles such as granite countertops, sinks, refrigerators, and stainless steel cabinets.

Choosing pre-built outdoor kitchen kits is much cheaper and takes a lot less time than paying a costly contractor to custom build you an outdoor kitchen. Outdoor kitchen kits are already designed and just need minor assembly.  The finished product is just as nice as costly custom built outdoor kitchens and come with finishes including stacked stone, granite, tile, stucco , stainless, and more. You can pretty much match any existing facade you have on your exterior.

Many companies that sell pre-built outdoor kitchen kits offer customizations to fit your specific style or finish.are prefabricated doesn’t mean you can’t have a custom look.  If you have a little do it yourself knowledge on minor construction your can  paint, stucco or stack stone to give your outdoor kitchen any look you want.

Choosing an outdoor kitchen instead of having a custom built outdoor kitchen can save you on average 40-50% and they can be assembled and up and running in less than one day. One word of caution if you don’t have the technical knowledge you may need to speak with a contractor on plumbing, gas or electricity if you purchase a outdoor kitchen kit that requires these and they are not pre-exsisting in your backyard. There are many outdoor kitchen kits that do not require any of these upgrades.

  • Requires little to no kitchen design and planning skills
  • Fast installation
  • Save on labor costs
  • Can be taken with you if you move

  • Some modifications not possible
  • Still May Need Contractor To Run Gas , Plumbing, Or Electrical If Not Already in Place



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