Memphis Elite Pellet Grill Review


Our Memphis Grills Elite Pellet Grill review provides you detailed information related to this pellet grill and how it compares to other pellet grills currently out on the market. The Memphis Grills Elite pellet grill is the Cadillac of the Memphis Grill line and one of the best pellet grill luxury smokers on the market.


Memphis Elite Pellet Grill Features

Easy To Use Controller 
Memphis Grills ControllerThe digital controller for the Memphis Elite is simple to use and is designed like your oven’s control panel. It has an easy to adjust temperature pad and a digital readout to show the actual cooking temperature at all times within the pellet grill. In order to properly monitor your smoked or grilled meats, there are three separate internal temperature probes with digital readouts on the display to make sure your meats are cooked to the perfect temperature.  Easily adjust the temperature range of 180 – 700 degrees Fahrenheit by the control panel or the wireless app.

Wifi App to Monitor Cooking Anywhere

The Memphis Elite is the smart grill of grills. The smartphone app allows you to monitor and adjust your grill and food temps when you’re away from your grill, no matter where you are. With built-in automated recipes it knows exactly at what temperature and how long to cook your favorite cuts of meat.

7.8 Total Score
Memphis Elite Pellet Grill

The Cadillac of pellet grills, the Memphis Elite Pellet Grill is one of the best pellet grills on the market. Made for precision and ease, this grill is worth the money!

Cooking Quality
User Rating: 3.03 (69 votes)

Sturdy, Stainless Steel Construction

This grill is well built and absolutely beautiful. Constructed from double walled, sealed, 304 Stainless Steel. The Memphis Elite is designed, engineered, and manufactured in the USA and comes with a 7-year limited warranty.

Large Capacity Pellet Hopper

The Memphis Elite comes with a dual pellet hopper  with a capacity of 24 pounds means you don’t have to worry about those long, slow cooks. The dual hopper means you can load two different flavors of pellets to mix and match.  The memphis elite burns approximately 1.5 lbs. of pellets per hour

Dual Convection Fans

This specifically engineered fans keep the heat circulated and means there is no rotisserie required when cooking.Dual 4″ convection fans built into every model, Memphis Grills are true high-end convection ovens.


Memphis Elite Specs

COOKING SURFACE 844/1,252* sq. in. (*optional grates)
COOKING AREA 6,345 cub. in.
WEIGHT 283 lb
DIMENSIONS 47x69x29 in.
MATERIAL Heavy-Duty 304 Stainless Steel
CONSTRUCTION Double Wall, Sealed
CONVECTION SYSTEM Dual Fan Combustion/Convection System
FUEL HOPPER 24 lb. Wood Pellet, Dual Bin Hopper with Dual Auger

How Does The Pellet Grill Work?

Memphis Grills Elite 39-inch Pellet Grill On Cart - Vg0002s

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  • Wood fired grill
  • Meat probe
  • Digital temperature controls
  • 304 stainless steel

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