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Green Mountain Grills Jim Bowie Pellet Grill Review

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You want find another Pellet Grill in this price range with the quality and wifi option making Green Mountain Grills one of our top choices for pellet grills.

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We really love Green Mountain grills. They have always made some of the best Pellet Grills and within the last few years they have lowered their prices making their pellet grills once of the best options in the industry. The Jim Bowie model is their largest residential pellet grill model and offers some fancy extra features such as wifi control, dome thermometer, and stainless steel hoods. You want find another Pellet Grill in this price range with the quality and wifi option making Green Mountain Grills one of our top choices for pellet grills.


Green Mountain Grills Jim Bowie Pellet Grill Features:

Wireless Controlled Cooking

wifi pellet grillOne of the absolute best options about Green Mountain Grills is the optional upgrade (Approximately $100) to have wifi control of your pellet grill. The range is approximately 100 feet and makes grilling, smoking, and baking in your pellet grill super easy. You can view your cook times, grill temperatures, and internal meat cooking temperatures all from your smart device. You can also adjust the cooking temperature, set timer alerts, and alerts when your food’s internal temperature reach a certain level.




Digital Controller

Green mountain Grills ControllerThe control head for Green Mountain Grill’s Jim Bowie Pellet Grill is sturdy and simple to use. With an easy to adjust temperature control and a digital readout it is easy to set your cooking temperature. You can also plug in a meat probe to the controller (Not needed with upgraded wi-fi option) and pressing the food button will show the internal meat temperature. Another awesome feature of Green Mountain Grills is the “turbo mode” feature. Once your outside temperatures drop below 35°F (2°C), the Turbo mode kicks in to accelerate the volume of pellets and air so that you do not have to wait so long for the grill to heat up as you otherwise would without it.





Low Pellet Alarm
Green Mountain Grill’s pellet hoppers are equipped with a low pellet alarm. When the level of pellets falls below this sensor, an alarm sounds to let you know that you need to fill the hopper back up. Once this alarm goes off, you have approximately ½-3 hours before the hopper runs dry.

Thermal Blanket (Optional)

Tests from users have indicated that you can reduce your pellet consumption by 40-50% in very cold weather by using a GMG thermal blanket. If you do not plan to use your grill frequently in the wintertime, then you should probably save the money. The Thermal Blanket for Green Mountain Grill’s Jim Bowie Pellet Grill is approximately $89.

Plenty Of Rack Grilling Space

With 658 inches of grilling rack space, the Jim Bowie Pellet Grill is perfect for both large and small families.

  • Available options include a stainless steel no-warp lid, and a form-fitted grill cover.
  • Digital Controller: Control your grill’s temperature from 150′-500’F (66′-260’C) in 5′ increments. From smoke to sear, you will have unparalleled accuracy, winter or summer.
  • Meat Probe: Just plug the probe into the jack on the controller, put it through the access hole in the side of the grill, and insert into the meat. Push the Food button on the controller, and it will immediately display the internal temperature of the meat you’re grilling.
  • Efficient Firebox: The firebox has vertical grooves cut evenly on its sides so that the air “whirlwinds” around the fire and gives much more complete combustion due to increased air circulation. This “cyclone” effect means more efficient pellet usage.
  • Thermal Sensor: Maintain a constant internal temperature year round with a Green Mountain Grill. Your grill will come equipped with an internal thermal sensor that regulates the temperature by adjusting air and pellet flow to maintain a constant internal temperature. Enjoy grilling all year long!
  • Durable BAKED-ON Finish: Our Green Mountain Grills have a great, long-lasting paint job.
  • Peaked Lid: The peaked lid lets you cook a turkey or a beer-can chicken without the cover touching it.
  • Sense-Mate Dual Program Control: Circuit-board-mounted sensor reads outside air temperature and sends computer program into turbo mode so that you won’t have to wait long for the grill to get up to temperature when it is very cold outside. Perfect for winter grilling!
  • Low-Pellet Alarm: When the pellet level gets down toward the bottom of the hopper, the grill sounds an alarm to let you know so that you can have uninterrupted grilling.
  • Front Casters: Locking front casters make moving your grill a breeze!
  • Remote Control: Upgrade to the remote model and enjoy total control and information from inside the comfort of your home. The RF transceivers negotiate walls, windows, trees, etc., up to 100′ away. Perfect for blistering heat or brutal cold! And the low pellet alarm even chirps on the remote handheld device to let you know if you’ve run low on fuel!
  • Upper rack for increased smoking area.
  • A Dome Thermometer to monitor interior temps.
  • A cover to protect your grill from the elements



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